Message from the Overlighting Devas

Message from the Overlighting Devas

Message from the Overlighting Devas

Greetings to all who are choosing to acknowledge our Presence, and who wish to learn more about us. We have long awaited this time for the greater population of Mother Earth/Gaia to remember us and all the nature spirits existence and our intricate part in the creation of all that is in form; for all of form is part of Nature.

There are a variety of places on Gaia at this time where we are deeply acknowledged and consciously brought into the creative process. Findhorn in Scotland is one of the more famous. We also acknowledge that there are individuals who are deeply connected with Spirit and with Gaia who include us in their day to day lives through ritual and ceremony including such things as calling in the directions and the Light realms of Magic who assist with the process of Divine Alchemy.

Yet now as the process of bringing the Divine Plan of Paradise/Eden/Shambala into form on & as Gaia/Aria accelerates we, the Devas, nature spirits, and other realms of Light/Love are speaking into the frequency where humanity can more easily connect and create with us. The necessity of all Life co-creating together through Divine Alchemy in accordance with the Divine Plan is vital for the highest outcome; the highest timeline actualization for all of Life.


The Circle of Unity Includes All of Life

Your science over the years completely lost its way from the creative essence, creative process that occurs in bringing something from the ideas state into tangible form; Light is Design – Love is Form. Gratefully as humanity awakens, this is changing.  Hearts and minds are opening and the awareness that is called science is merging more with that of the wisdom of Spirit.

Science-fiction and Fantasy have long spoken of life forms that are highly intelligent, extremely diverse, and advanced in their abilities. While what has been shared is only partial truth, they have laid the seeds for humans to open their hearts and minds to the Illumined Truth of who we are and the interconnection between us all.

We ask you now to bring forth the Illumined Truth of us for the world to receive as they are able in the moment. The actualization of Paradise/Eden on & as Gaia/Aria requires that we all co-create consciously & intentionally together in accordance to the Divine Plan, Cosmic Law and the highest timeline possible, the timeline of Victory; of Love/Light/Unity! 

Received by Emmaray Kumara ~ The Nature Whisperer



Emmaray, many realms and kingdoms will come forth to speak with you and allow you to be their scribe & bridge of consciousness.  We know that you already know this, so we are simply confirming. The information will be for young and old alike in forms accessible for all.  Thank you again for being an Illumined Voice for those whose voices have been ignored or distorted for so very long. We are truly grateful! Lapoteanae. Om Shanti