Prayer for Healing & Redemption

White Doves of Peace in flight

Prayer for Healing & Redemption


Dear Mother/Father/God/Creator All That Is, I Am All that I Am and through my Divinity I ask that you Pour (3x) your great Cosmic Light, Love & Sacred Fire of Purification, Truth, Peace, Forgiveness & Redemption into the hearts and minds of all those of  good heart who through their ignorance have done harm to others, whether those  others be in human form  or another Divine embodiment on Mother Earth/Gaia or elsewhere.

May we all be held in profound levels of Grace while the awakening to the Divine Truth of the harm they/we have done unfolds in the planetary awareness for healing and purification.

May the wisdom be gained and remembered, while the pain, grief, suffering, guilt, shame and all lower energies be fully transmuted back into Cosmic Divine Light through the Sacred Fire and the Mother’s Love/Holy Spirit.

May the Dove of Peace and the Owl of Wisdom come into every person’s heart and mind, raising each one back into the unified circle of Oneness, Wholeness and all of Life’s Divinity through the arms of Cosmic Light, Cosmic Divine Love, Forgiveness, Gratitude.

All Life is now returning Home to the I Am that I Am.   Claim the wisdom. Embody the Peace and Forgiveness to set all of Life free.   It is time to allow Divine Justice and Redemption to come into full activity.  It is time for All of Life to return Home to Cosmic Love/Light/Unity.

We are calling you Home.  I Am is your Home.  I Am is your Name.  I Am is how  you are in Service to and through the I Am of All that Is/Source/Creator.   Together we are Loving All of Life Free…. And So It Is!

Almighty Christ I Am that I Am. Namaste. Om Shanti.



~ Received by Emmaray Kumara




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