Divine Intervention Invocation from AA Michael 2-18-2022

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Greetings and Blessings to All!  Last night I was guided to AA Michael's offering through the Radiant Rose Academy (https://www.radiantroseacademy.com). In this message Michael provides us with a powerful new invocation and the request that we step up and speak this invocation for ourselves and all of Life on Earth that is of Cosmic origin.  Thank you for joining me in adding your voice & Light/Love to this call! ♥

Ascended Masters Broadcasts: Vol 106. Archangel Michael. February 18, 2022

Archangel Michael's Invocation

My Beloved I AM God Presence, I call forth to AA Michael and his Angels of the Cosmic Blue Flames of Immortal Love, of Immortal Power and Cosmic Light Substance.

I welcome the decent of AA Michael and his Angels of the Cosmic Blue Flames, descending into our midst.

I call upon precious Michael and his Angels to create a wall of Cosmic Blue Flames around me, around all who seek the Light & face the Light; around my Loved Ones; and cut everyone free of any discordant lines of force that may be coming in or seeking to.

Archangel Michael

I ask that Michael protect me, my Loved ones, all upon a spiritual path, in a wall of Cosmic Blue Flames that cuts each of us free from any discordant energy.

I ask Michael and his Angels of Immortal Love and Power to build a permanent wall of Cosmic Blue Flames and their Cosmic Light Substance around me & around us all! Which becomes a mighty pillar which rises up 12 feet high, permanently sustained, that we may be disconnected from the discordant energies of the world, and that we are Free to express the Great God Presence within and its Great God Dominion over the human appearances of the outer world.

♥ I Love and Bless Michael for his transcendent service and his legions of angels. Archangel Michael, build your wall of Cosmic Blue Flames and their Cosmic Light Substance around me and all those who are standing and facing the Light. 

∞ Protect all that are of the Light and see that each one has their Victory! That we may go forth, the Vanguard, for all of humankind and join the Angelic Host in protecting the Earth and all Cosmic Life.

Almighty Christ I AM (3x)

~ transcribed by Emmaray Kumara ~ https://www.thenaturewhisperer.com


Radiant Rose Academy Ascended Masters Broadcast

Excerpt from Michael's Talk:

"... Cosmic Light Substance which is sent forth to you which is sent forth from us when you call it forth, is a direct radiation of Light Substance from great Cosmic Beings in the Great Central Sun.

Cosmic Blue Flames and their Cosmic Light Substance which comes forth to you when you call to us under our direction, is that which is called forth and qualified with the consciousness and perfection of the Great Cosmic Beings in the Great Central Sun who give that of their own volition.

It is the actual radiation from their own life streams, concentrated, qualified, and directed to do certain work wherever it is sent. Wherever it is projected.  Therefore, beloved hearts, by your calls to us and the more of you who are calling to us, does this Cosmic Light substance and Cosmic Sacred Fire come into the atmosphere of Earth and begins to localize.

So, the people (and Life) gets the benefit of that, they breath it in as you breathe in oxygen through the lungs. And as that Cosmic Light Substance and Cosmic Sacred Fire enters into the mental and feeling world, it compels a certain amount of purification and illumination to come into the consciousness of the mass of the people...."


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