Spiritual Protocol – Setting Your Field

Tube of Light

The Tube of Light is a protocol that is suggested to be done morning, night & during the day as you feel is required to keep your field clear and in balance.

Here is an example of calling forth your Tube of Light:

Beloved I Am that I Am, in deep gratitude for life I ask that you bring down, around and under me the Cosmic Christ White Light Substance that makes me invisible as needed, invincible, invulnerable, impermeable, impenetrable, untraceable, and untrackable to all discord and destructiveness of the outer world, the world of duality. I thank you.

As this tube is completed, I now call the Chohans of the Sacred Fire to bring your glorious energies and activities of each of your Sacred Fire rays around and through my being and world to further enhance the protection of my spirit & multibody system while at the same time bringing me into a greater level of immortal purity, perfect and eternal peace, immortal harmony, immortal Divine power, Joy and the God/Divine supply of all good things.

I thank you (3x) It is so done! Almighty Christ I Am! (3x)

Flower of Life Unity Sphere

The Flower of Life Unity Sphere is a gift from Sanat Kumara and Lord Metatron. It was brought to my attention during a planetary service meeting with the Bless All Life Council. Its purpose is to assist those who call it in to create and maintain a greater energetic sphere of unity consciousness around them and all who they include in the call.

Almighty I Am, I now invoke the Flower of Life Unity Sphere within and around me.

Pause and breath, allowing yourself to sense the sphere to encircle you. Then if you wish you can make an additional call or calls to create greater inclusion of life within the sphere with you:

I now invoke the Flower of Unity Life Sphere within me and around …

  • My house and property
  • My place of “work”
  • My extended family
  • Gaia and all of her kingdoms of Life

I thank you! So Be It!

Almighty Christ I Am! (3x)

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