Staying in the Unified Field Invocation

Graphic of Gaia with six star and hearts ~ Unity

“Spiritual awareness becomes wisdom when it is consistently applied.”


Greetings and Blessings to all.

As Gaia and all Life choosing to ascend settles into the first level of the fifth dimension one of our primary opportunities as a human is to let go of all remaining attachment or connection to the illusion of separation.  I refer to this as going higher consciously stepping into the truth of Oneness and the energetic field of Unity.

Being in the Field of Unity allows all co-creations and activities to be given and received in their highest level of expressions. It also allows us as individuals to more easily live in a state of the energy of Resurrection and Illumined Truth.Truly, they go hand in hand; heart to heart.

There are many ways to consciously embody Unity/Oneness many of which I discuss in my programs.  Now, I offer this invocation to assist you in this process.  

Namaste.  Om Shanti. We are Victorious in the  LIght!  ~ Emmaray Walking Thunder ♥∞


I AM All that I AM!

I proclaim Here and Now that All that I AM ALWAYS in the Unity Field of Creation, no matter where I am, what I am doing. 

Within the Unity Field I am Free from separation and all its discordant activities. I Am Free! (3x)

All that I AM is ALWAYS in the Unified Field of Creation. Body, mind, feelings & spirit.  (3x)

As a surrogate for Life I call for all of Mother Earth/Gaia to be raised back into the Unified Field through Cosmic Divine Love/Light & Illumined Truth! We Are Free! (3x)

So It Is! So It is Done! So Mote it Be!

Almighty Christ I AM! (3)

~ Inspired through Emmaray Kumara

The Nature Whisperer...


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