Daily Consecration Invocation

Swans in repose

In peace I Am, In peace I stay, living my Life in purity, peace and harmony each and every day!

I Am All That I Am.  I Am One with my Authentic I Am Presence, My God Self, and my Body Elemental. I Am One with my Overlighting Light/Love/Harmony & Unity Councils & Team.

In deep gratitude I ask that you consecrate every thought, word, feeling and action I make or take, every breath that I breathe, every energy that I receive; all that I create and share & all that is created and shared with me.

Consecrate all with Divine LoveJoy, Divine Authority, Divine Right Action and Activity, Illumined Truth, Divine Wisdom, Immortal Purity, Immortal Harmony, Immortal Power, Perfect and Eternal Peace, and all other qualities of Light & Love; Glory and Grace that you feel are for my highest outcome each & every day.

I ask that this invocation be self-sustaining and ongoing to the highest level that is appropriate and in accordance with Divine Plan and Universal & Cosmic Law.

As a surrogate for Life, I also ask that as I make this call for myself it also be done for others, all of Life, especially for the Elements & Elementals and Overlighting Devas, as is appropriate in accordance with the Divine Plan & Universal & Cosmic Law.

So Be It! It Is So Done! Thank you (3x)

May All Be Blessed!

Angel Above Lake Siskiyou

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