Anchoring a Unity Grid For a Group

Setting the Field (lead the group outloud)

I invite each one here (and any of our group who are not present now, but join us in intention or who will join at a later time) to make a heart connection and link with your own I Am Presence. Feel that Presence fully resonant within you. Anchor that Presence fully into the four lower bodies (the physical, emotional, mental and etheric). Call on the Angels and Ascended Masters and other Divine Beings to be present with you and to join in your intention for the Highest Good for all concerned. Sit with, honor and give thanks for the love, wisdom and empowerment that flows within you from the I Am for a short while.

Suggested format:

♥ I AM My Beloved I AM Presence expressing to me, through me and as me, fully consecrating every thought, word, feeling, and action that I take and receive with Divine Love & Unity energies. ♥ (2)

Now, I invite each of you to send an etheric link from heart to heart around our group. We mentally include any who join etherically through aligned intention now or at a later time. Take time to acknowledge each person as you link around the group.

∞ Pause and suggest people take three deep breaths to allow the heart link to settle in. (2)

Next, we each create a heart link with the overlighting Group Presence (centered above our group) and with the Heart of Mother Earth beneath your feet, so you co-create a Sacred Merkaba and Field of Oneness. We ask that it be filled with all Divine blessings and graces for this work.

∞ (You may wish to invite each one to speak an intention either silently or aloud into the group field.)

We next ask and command that our group and the entire space be surrounded is protected with successive fields of Cosmic Solar and Diamond white light, blue light and violet flame of the degree necessary for full and complete protection. We ask and command that there are Angels to hold the field and provide complete protection for all that we do.

Next, we link our group Merkaba into the Fifth Dimensional Christ Grid for the Earth and that we are connected with all other groups of like purpose.

Pause and allow everyone to envision this connection and the sharing of the energies of Light down into Gaia’s grid. (2)

Level 2 -

Other calls or decrees to align with the Angels, Ascended Masters and Hosts of Heaven and the Nature Kingdoms may be added here.

Suggested format: 

♥ I AM One with Mother/Father/God and all of the Beings of Light/Love throughout the multiverse, especially those service Gaia’s and our galaxies ascension at this time. I AM One with Gaia and all of her kingdoms of Life.

See the circle of unity expanding, like circles within circles … ♥ (2)


 1) Excerpt from Peace, Love and Healing – New Teachings from Lord Jesus the Christ Exercise 3: 4-2: Working with the Unified field © 2020, 2nd edition, received and shared by Mikaelah Cordeo, Ph.D.

2) Emmaray Kumara, The Nature Whisperer;

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